My work in painting constructs a visual memoir in which I record my interactions with my interior and exterior environments. I explore how the ways in which I inhabit space as both an artist and a person with the capacity to alter my surroundings in meaningful ways, constitute me as an agent of environmental impact.

Constructed from the “Love and Ethnology” exhibition map at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 2019.

The experience of creating this body of work has been about progress and discovery. My pieces have been formed using lines, shapes, and color, through reactionary processes. Shapes interact with each other, responding to the other elements in the piece, either in sync or in opposition to each other. Some lines are infinite, extending past the limitations of the canvas and implying an extension beyond the work of art itself. In this way, I construct imaginary spatial dimensions that I find myself lost within.

Series made at Bard College, 2019.