Notes: Film

About two years ago, Danny Tee uploaded a series of films online called “LOCOMOTION,” “Re: LOCOMOTION,” and “locomotion_final.” I remember Tee sharing his interests in plural narrative structures, multiverses, identity and time over the years, working through the ways of translating his ideas to a visual medium. A few weeks ago, Tee mentioned that he was in the process of filming another episode, wondering if he told me about the jar that reveals logarithmic fractures of alternate worlds.

Anthony Scalzo’s latest film “The Carnival” is shot in the town were Scalzo and I both went to high school. Initially, I thought that “The Carnival” was the lost footage that he and I recorded some years before which included a scene of the annual carnival held in the park just below the center of town. I vaguely remember the script which had to do with some guy meeting a personification of death in the local laundromat, later revisited by this apparition on the carnival grounds. We spent a few days filming together until he told me that his camcorder was recording over the previous footage, erasing any shot we had each time we completed a scene, and that we were ultimately left with nothing. So I hopefully thought that “The Carnival” was recovered footage that he repurposed into a different project.